Making Choices

To prepare for the first session, I recommend you use the Journey to the Centre meditation, which is available at the bottom of this page, along with a video explanation regarding how best to use it.

In the first session I will complete an intuitive reading for you. I then ask you to use the symbology from the reading to intuitively create 9 choices. This can be difficult, but I am always here to help and I will support you if you are struggling.

In session 2 I will go through your choices with you to make sure your ego has not interfered; it usually always does! This usually doesn’t take long, and I normally have a chance to take you through one of the choices. I use the following format to work through each choice.

The vision: We both use our intuition to access the vision behind each choice.

Current reality: This is where we intuitively see your patterned opposition to your choice. This shows us why our dreams are not coming to fruition.

The Bridge: This is where we focus on moving from our current reality, to making our dream a reality. 

I recommend a week between session 1 and 2. After that I normally recommend a session every two weeks as we go through all your choices.

There are four basic choices that everyone uses and then 9 choices chosen intuitively from your reading. All choices start with “I choose the end result of” (ICTER). 

The four basic choices are:

  1.  ICTER of being free.

  2.  ICTER of being healthy in mind and body.

  3.  ICTER of living in my true nature and purpose.

  4.  ICTER of being the predominant creator in my life.

All choices recognise a state that already exists but is being hidden by your beliefs and patterns.

Journey to the Centre Meditation

Journey to the Centre Meditation - Narrated by Ian Russell. Music by Fiona Rea.